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-That Smile  - My photo
    I was wearing a loud shirt and I was really nervous and he just looked across at me at one point, just smiled… I smiled and I caught his eye, looked away, looked back and he was still smiling. I smiled back and his smile got a little bigger. Oh my God, I said “I’m just going to go outside and have a cigarette…” and his partner said “Stephen’s not very keen on smoking.” And I went, “Oh fuck, sorry.” And Stephen just grinned even more.
    I’ll just waffle on like I just did then and answer many of your questions. That’s what happens in interviews. That’s why I always get fucked up by journalists.
At the Benedict Cumberbatch Sydney Oz Comic Con panel
  • Fan:
    What's the strangest encounter with a fan you've ever had?

  • Benedict:
    [rambles on for a bit about trying to remember] I've got so many things going around in my head but I can't think of a specific one

  • Another fan:

  • Benedict:
    (laughs) There are several rooms in my mind palace that aren't fit for public consumption

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